Blankenship Properties

Introducing Blankenship Properties, a forward-thinking real estate firm established by two brothers and industry visionaries JP and Ray Blankenship. Armed with over 15 years of invaluable real estate experience, they infuse a professional, dynamic, and family-centric approach into the realm of one of life's significant investments.

JP and Ray's expertise spans the spectrum, excelling in selling, buying, renting, and investing in the vibrant Northern Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland markets. At Blankenship Properties, we don't just navigate real estate transactions; we craft personalized experiences tailored to your unique needs. Beyond real estate, we're fueled by a deep-seated passion for community. Having called Northern Virginia home for over 30 years, Blankenship Properties is dedicated to giving back to the very community that has shaped our journey.

Experience the cutting-edge difference with Blankenship Properties, where real estate isn't just a transaction; it's a lifelong investment in your dreams and the community we cherish.