Northern Virginia Housing Market Update - February 2024

The Northern Virginia (NoVA) housing market has shown remarkable resilience and growth, according to the latest Washington D.C. Metro Housing Market Report for February 2024, prepared by Bright Research. As we delve into the specifics of local markets within NoVA, including Alexandria City, Arlington County, Fairfax City, Fairfax County, Falls Church City, and Loudoun County, a dynamic picture of the housing landscape emerges.

Market Highlights:

  • Sales Activity: Alexandria City and Arlington County experienced an uptick in closed sales by 3.6% and 15.8% respectively, showcasing a healthy demand in these areas. Despite a slight overall decrease in closed sales in other parts of NoVA, the region demonstrates resilience amidst varying market conditions.
  • Price Appreciation: Across NoVA, median sales prices have seen significant increases. Notably, Alexandria City witnessed a 30.1% surge, with Falls Church City leading the charge with an impressive 68.5% rise in median sales prices, signaling strong market desirability and competitive housing values.
  • Market Pace: The median days on the market have substantially decreased across NoVA, indicating a fast-moving market. Most notably, Fairfax City and Loudoun County saw homes selling in just around a week, reflecting the high demand and quick turnover in the local housing market.
  • New Listings and Pending Sales: The NoVA market is experiencing a mix of trends in new listings and pending sales. Fairfax City, in particular, showed a dramatic 91.7% increase in new pending sales, suggesting a robust interest in the area's housing. Conversely, Alexandria City saw a decrease in new pending sales, highlighting the diverse market dynamics within NoVA.


The Northern Virginia housing market continues to thrive, with significant price appreciation and a fast pace of sales characterizing the region. Despite the slight variances in sales activity and new listings across different localities, the overall market outlook remains positive. Buyers and sellers in NoVA are navigating a competitive landscape, underscored by a strong demand for housing and a limited supply in certain areas.

The increased median sales prices across NoVA reflect the region's desirability and the competitive nature of the market, with Falls Church City and Alexandria City standing out for their significant price growth. As we move into the spring, the dynamics of the Northern Virginia housing market will be crucial for both prospective buyers and sellers, offering opportunities amidst the challenges of a vibrant real estate environment.

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